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Education, Work Experience, Personal Interests & Activities

I am a Georgetown University Law Center graduate with over 30 years of experience primarily in the areas of commercial and real estate litigation, personal injury, estate planning & wills, immigration, criminal law & DUI. 

I worked 10 weeks as a contract temporary attorney through a staffing agency for a Philadelphia plaintiff's injury firm that handles transvaginal mesh cases, which is something I had a strong interest in ever since I watched the majority of three pelvic mesh trials in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas: the Kimberly Atkins, Ella Ebaugh, and Susan McFarland cases. I have since watched 3 more mesh trials.

My blogs summarizing each trial, and a trial observations page, can be accessed by clicking on the above links at the top of this web site page.

A number of years ago I was a bar advocate handling criminal cases in the Cambridge District Court in Massachusetts, including defense of low income clients charged with misdemeanors such as assault, drug possession, DUI, prostitution, and shoplifting. 

For 5 years, from 2012-2017, I handled a real estate litigation case in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, which culminated in two trials, the first one before Judge Daniel Webster Keogh, and thereafter, a second trial before a 12-member jury following a successful appeal to the Superior Court, presided over by Judge Robert P. Coleman. I appealed the dismissal with prejudice following a mistrial to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania. 

I had my own law practice based in Jerusalem, Israel for almost 10 years handling immigration and visa cases in Israel's Supreme Court, a forgery case in Beersheva's criminal court, and a social security case in Tel Aviv. I also worked with another attorney on a serious slip and fall personal injury case in Jerusalem, where the injured Plaintiff almost severed her foot when slipping on construction debris that was not properly covered outside the walls of the Old City. 

I pride myself in being quickly responsive to client communications by telephone and by email. I do not give up and work tirelessly on a case until successful resolution. 

I do my best to think creatively to achieve successful settlement of my clients' legal disputes. I am an excellent legal researcher and have extensive experience writing briefs and legal pleadings, assisting law firms from time to time with challenging legal research assignments and writing projects.

I am active in visiting the State of Israel and speak Hebrew fluently. I regularly swim in our neighborhood swim club. I enjoy making beaded jewelry and Judaica, participating in two shows annually, selling my jewelry. I take pleasure visiting family and friends, and have a passion and love for dogs.

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